Humboldt County 8th Grade Portrait Session

 I an think of so many milestones in a child’s life that need to be documented.  From the first fresh days of your child’s newborn life all the way to their teary eyed High School graduation – there are a zillion moments in between that should be bottled up in a photograph and kept forever.  This is just one of them – but it’s a big one (at least I think it is).  8th Grade Graduation! Sometimes this Milestone might get a bit overlooked in life – at least the significance of it.  But I think it is one of the most important ones. 

They have just finished nine years of schooling. Yes. NINE YEARS. Kudos to you mama, for helping them make it through. That in itself is a pretty big deal. It is something to celebrate. They are taking the big leap from childhood and will be navigating the murky waters of high school. 

I believe 8th grade portraits shouldn't break the bank. I am offering limited edition sessions for the month of March. If you want more details, contact me on facebook at or 

This is the next step in your child’s journey into their teens and even closer to adulthood.  Yes, they will continue to change and mature over the years, they will in fact become wiser, more insightful, maybe even a bit more stubborn, definitely more independent and one can hope even more loving.  But I assure you that you won’t regret grabbing on to this time in their life. 

Shelby|Night-time Christmas Session|Scotia

Happy New Year! Most Sunday's I aim to post a senior blog. This one is a Super Soul Sunday blog. Something that ignites my soul. I had been wanting to do a night time shoot for quite a while. I had been so slammed with shoots during the busy season, that I wanted to reward myself with a shoot just for me. : ) I did a model call, and had a lot of great girls respond back. I have noticed Shelby has been following me for a while and liking my facebook and instagram posts, so I went with her. This girl ROCKED IT! She and her mom met my lighting assistant Laura and I at Hoby's Market in Scotia. (who by the way have the best Salami Dutch Crunch sandwiches).  I wanted to try and get something with Christmas lights. We started out with some shots before dark, and then shot into the dark.We shared some laughs, and some good times, and  I am so happy with how this shoot turned out! Thank you Shelby for doing such a great job! If you are reading this and would be interested in being a model for a future model call, leave a comment below. I have many ideas I would like to try in 2018! 


It is the last day of 2017. Wow. What a year. It flew by soooooo fast. I was going through some 2017 photo shoots today and was feeling overwhelmed with how blessed I have been with such amazing clients this year. Some I have know for a while, some were new. There were more shoots than were shown here, but they are all amazing, and the people in them have made my life so much better. New friendships and relationships were formed, and I look forward to continuing to following you on your life journeys.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture these important milestones in your lives. I am forever grateful.