When should you book your senior portraits?

One of the most asked questions from high school students I get is when should I book my senior portraits?

Well the easy answer to this would be during your senior year of course but it is a little more complicated than that.

Here are the 4 things you should consider when thinking about when to book your senior portraits.

  1. What does your schedule look like? Is there a certain time of year that would be too busy to fit in your senior photos? Also do you need these photos for graduation invitation or for the yearbook and what is the deadline to have those photos in by. Taking into account your schedule and deadlines should be the very first question you ask yourself when thinking about booking your senior photos.

    2. What is your favorite season and is that important to you? Do you want the fall leaves or blossoming flowers in your photos? If a certain season is important to you make sure to take that into account. Also think about what you want to wear and how the seasons will affect that. If you are in love with the thought of wearing neon pink then a fall photo session may not be the right season for you.

3. Do you have a uniform you want to wear? Do you play football, lacrosse, softball or volleyball? If you want to make sure that your uniform is part of your senior portraits make sure to schedule your portraits during that time of year so you will have access to your uniform. Parky’s Pics does offer an update session at a later date that is shorter and a great price if you are wanting your full session a different time of year than your season of sport.

4. When is your photographer busy and available? You should always book your senior portraits at least 2 months ahead of time. Talking with your photographer ahead of time about their availability is always smart. It would be horrible to wait until last minute and decide you want your portraits done on a weekend right in the middle of wedding season.

These are my four tips on what to consider when booking your senior portraits. Do you have any questions for me about senior portraits? Drop them in the comments below,

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Make up tips for Senior Portraits


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There are so many elements that go into senior portraits. Outfit choices, location choices, props to bring. Another element is how to do your make up for your session.

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Your Senior photos are used for a TON of announcements and prints, so having your makeup right is a must! Here is your guide to make sure they are perfect:

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  • Keep it natural

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You want to look like YOU! This is not the time to go buy hundreds of dollars in new makeup to try for the day. You never know how your skin will react to something new. In general, stick to matte colors that aren’t too dark or sparkly.

Parky's Pics Wedding & Portrait Photography 2017-Humboldt County Wedding Photographer-4-3.jpg


  • Wear blush and lipstick

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This is especially important if you aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup, because It’s very easy to look washed out on camera. Add some peachy blush to the apple of your cheeks, light pink or nude lipstick, and an extra coat of mascara! This will make your eyes pop!

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Pro Tip: Do a trial run before the portrait day! Do your makeup, try on a couple outfits, go outside and have someone snap a photo with a flash and without the flash. This won’t perfectly replicate what your photographer can do, but then you’ll be able to make sure everything looks how you want it to!

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  • Avoid products with SPF

Sunscreen products very easily wash you out, It’s best to just leave those products out for the day. The last thing we want is for you to have a Ghostface!

Parky's Pics Wedding & Portrait Photography 2017-Humboldt County Wedding Photographer-18.jpg


  • Use primer

  • Eye primer, foundation primer, the whole 9! Especially if you don’t have smooth skin to begin with from acne or scarring, this will make your skin appear more smooth and fresh.

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  • Feeling lost?

Don’t be afraid to hire a makeup artist! Make yourself a pinterest board of senior photos and makeup you like, so they can work with your photographer to get you the look you want!



Professional hair and make up services are offered in our top package, so there is no extra hassle for you!



When you follow these simple makeup do’s and don’ts during your senior photo shoot, you are guaranteed to have photos that you will always LOVE. Are you ready to book your senior portrait session? If so click here.  https://www.parkyspics.com/seniors/

5 Questions to Consider when planning a Humboldt County Fall Wedding

5 Questions To Consider When Planning A Fall Wedding

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Congratulations you are engaged!!!!

Planning a humboldt county fall wedding-31.JPG


Now all the planning begins. One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to wedding planning is the date! When are you going to get married? Spring and Fall weddings are beautiful, but don't count out fall weddings. They can be absolutely gorgeous here on the north coast. If you are thinking about planning a fall wedding there are 5 things to consider.

Planning a humboldt county fall wedding-8.JPG


  1. What will you wedding color scheme be? In the fall think of colors that naturally appear in nature during the fall season. Plums, oranges, reds, yellows, mauves and earthy tones. A fall wedding is not the best season to have pastels or bright colors. These colors will clash with the season especially if you are having an outside wedding.

Parky's Pics Fall WeddingTips-10.jpg


  1. What flowers are in season? 

  • Asiatic lily

  • Celosia

  • Dahlia

  • Orange gerbera

  • Purple alstromeria

  • Calla lily

  • Chrysanthemum disbud

  • Leucadendron

  • Rose or Bi-color Rose

  • Yarrow

Planning a humboldt county fall wedding-26.JPG
Planning a humboldt county fall wedding-19.JPG

As you will notice all the colors of these follows are orange, purple, yellow and reds.


    3. Give it a rustic feel. The fall is the perfect time to have rustic wedding theme. Here are some ways to add in the rustic feel

  • Mason jars for glasses or desserts

  • Have a barn wedding

  • Use barrels of hay for decor or seats

  • Use burlap for decor, small details, and table clothes

  • Use wine barrels for decor or tables.


    4. What type of food will you serve? Great fall wedding food includes

  • Wine and cheese boards for cocktail hour.

  • Serve apple dishes like tarts, candy apples and apple cider.

  • For a wedding favor have a popcorn bar, where they can create they own popcorn treats to take home.

  • Have a smores bar. Fall wouldn’t be fall without smores.

  • Instead of a cake think about doing mini pies for everyone. This adds a rustic fall feel.


 5. Are you going to have your wedding outside or inside? The fall is a great time to have an outside wedding. The temperature is beautiful during the day with a chill at night. The chance of rain is extremely low and the trees have changed colors. Here are some things to consider if you are going to have an outside fall wedding.

  • If your reception is at night make sure to have heaters or blankets for your guest. Nothing is worse than being in a strapless dress and it drops 20 degrees once the sun goes down.

  • Think about incorporating a bon fire if that is an option.

  • As the wedding moves closer to November it will start to get darker earlier so take that in consideration for your photos when planning your ceremony and reception time. You can google sunset times for your wedding date and discuss that with your wedding photographer.

  • Use the fall leaves as props in your wedding photo. Nothing is more beautiful than a bride and groom surrounded by the fall leaves.

Parky's Pics Fall WeddingTips-16.jpg
Parky's Pics Fall WeddingTips-13.jpg


I hope these five questions to consider when planning a fall wedding help you plan your perfect fall wedding. Remember picking your date is the most important step but picking your photographer is the second most important. These fall wedding photos will last a lifetime. I would love to hear from you, what are your favorite fall wedding planning tips?

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