What to look for when hiring your Humboldt County Wedding Photographer

I hear it over and over again. I meet with  potential clients and they start to tell me about how they do not feel comfortable in front of the camera and suck at being photographed.  "We don't know how to pose, we get awkward." Trust me guys, I get it. I feel the same way about myself  in front of a camera (that’s why I am always behind the lens!) In all honesty, it takes two to tango, or teamwork to look your best in your wedding photos…. that’s right, you and me, we’re a team. 

Choosing a wedding photographer is a personal decision. Many factors play a role in choosing who will document your wedding day. Price, personality, editing style, package features, and location all play a big role in choosing your wedding photographer. While these factors are all important, one thing that is of utmost important (almost more important than any of the above) is finding someone who makes you feel comfortable to be yourself. 

At the end of the day, your photographer is more than a vendor. They are someone that is with you step by step on one of the biggest days of your life. They have to see you as you get into your dress, coordinate your family photos,  win over your unruly groomsmen, corral flower girls and ring bearers, and assure you that everything will be fine. The key to beautiful wedding photos is feeling comfortable with the person you chose to capture your day and to trust that they can handle whatever might be thrown their way. Photographers must be flexible.  We walk into new spaces, new venues, new weather situations, new lighting all year long. We have pretty much seen it all and we are never surprised. Weddings are unpredictable, just like the weather.  They are living, breathing phenomenons with high emotions and we want to help make this the best day of your life. 

You want to look beautiful in your photos right? Memories you and your family can treasure for years to come. Pick someone who you connect with, whose work you absolutely love, who knows how to pose people, crack jokes, round up crowds, and puts you at ease. Choosing a photographer is far more important than picking someone who takes pretty photos – it’s about choosing a human that you want to be there as a story-teller on one of the most important days of your life. Look at their work, check out a full wedding gallery, follow their instagram. Do you connect with them on a personal level more than just a professional level? You should. And most importantly, just remember to have fun. If you feel uncomfortable, it shows. Relax, loosen up, have a blast, and smile! You are beautiful and your photographer will only enhance that beauty!