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Mai and Chris got married on a wet day on July 1st.  We began the day at the Bear River Casino where Chris, his two sons, the groomsmen and best woman were getting ready. Then it was off to the brides house to get some getting ready photos. It was great to see the family actively involved in the whole process as the men were outside preparing the meat for that nights dinner. 


We were originally going to do a first look on the beach, but with the wet weather we headed to the bluffs above Centerville Beach.  Chris and Mai have such an great connection and it is apparent in their first look and couples photos. They were both so calm and collected. I love the way he looks at her (like they do in the movies) and she just lights up when she is around him. 

The ceremony took place at The Church of the Assumption in Ferndale. It was a beautiful traditional catholic ceremony attended by many guests.  An abundance of family members were a part of the ceremony and the  el lazo was wrapped around them in a figure 8 to represent Mai and Chris's futures now being forever intertwined. 


After the ceremony we headed over to a nearby house for some quick family photos and then it was off to the reception.  

Here the bridal party got the party started by shimmying in with some silly dance moves.  Throughout the entire reception I was so moved by how much family and support the couple received. It was so rich in Mexican tradition. There was the traditional money dance and the "La Vibora de la Mar." a dance where the wedding guests  dance in a circle around the couple while holding hands, then duck under a bridge formed by the bride and groom. It was  great way for the guests to get involved in the ceremony and it was so cool to see the couple being surrounded by so much love and support and in this way they got to individually interact with each of their guests. 

It was an amazing day! Thank you Chris and Mai for allowing me to be part of it!