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Alyssa's Eureka High Softball Sportrait Session

Softball season is in full swing, and it is bringing back memories of Alyssa’s senior Sportrait session last year. Alyssa, her mom and myself met at the Eureka High softball field and had fun creating some memories together. We got a great combination of some more natural poses as well as some more dramatic off camera flash images.

What to wear for your Humboldt County Senior Session

What to wear for your Humboldt County Senior Session

Stumped on what to wear for your senior session? Read this blog to figure out what your undertones are and what will make you shine in front of the camera!

Mary|Benbow Inn|JustForFun

It's Senior Sunday! I am currently working on two awesome senior sessions that are not finished yet, so I decided to share an amazing session from this summer! Mary and I met at the Benbow Inn on an overcast Tuesday morning this past summer. She was so sweet, and a total natural in front of the camera. It was a relaxed, laid back session that I didn't want to end. It makes me wish I had taken the time to do a photo shoot when I was in great shape before I had kids. I recommend everyone do one of these sessions. Find something you feel comfortable and beautiful in and document it. You wont regret it : ) 

Levi Kirk|Senior Session|Southern Humboldt|RanchShoot

I have known Levi since he was in 7th grade and one of my students. I taught him again in High School PE. One of the things I remember is that he always had cowboy boots on. After spending the morning with him on his family's Southern Humboldt ranch, now I see why. : ) This boy has grown up on the ranch, hauling hay, feeding cows, and apple picking, and much more. He is also humble and kind like just like the Tim McGraw song lyrics. He is also a force to be reckoned with on both the football field as well as the wrestling mat.