golden hour senior portraits


Taryn is one of my 2020 senior reps. Not only is she at the top of her class at Fortuna High School, she is also super sweet. We traveled down to one of my favorite river locations in Southern Humboldt and shot some beautiful shots in the sunshine. The river is always nice and warm at the end of a long summer day, and I absolutely love being able to get my feet wet while I photograph beautiful seniors. It doesn’t get much better! 

Bailey|Fortuna High|Senior Session

I have known Bailey since she was a baby. She attends Fortuna High where she plays softball.  I took her sister Bekah’s senior photos last year, so I am ecstatic to have her on board as a Senior Rep this year. Bailey, Bekah and two  of her friends traveled down to the Community Park on a warm Friday afternoon. There was no shortage of laughter as we explored the park. What I love about this location is that no two senior sessions look alike because there are so many options. We then traveled to a second location where we navigated a small area and got some great shots. I am so excited to have Bailey on board as a Senior Rep!

Senior Sportraits|Parky's Pics Photography|Humboldt County

I LOVE sports! I fell in love with basketball at the age of 12 when I first picked up a ball.  I remember my parents telling me that if I wanted to go to college, I would have to earn a scholarship because they couldn't afford to pay for it.  That lit a fire in me, and I enjoyed learning that the more work I put into the sport, the better I became. From that moment on, you would rarely see me without a basketball in my hand. I would get my homework done at school so that I would have more hours to practice after school. That dedication did eventually earn me a full ride scholarship and later an induction into the hall of fame. I have so many great memories from those years, but no physical images to show for it. 

My one regret?? I had not one really great picture of those memories. I lived and breathed basketball for 10 plus years. It was a part of my soul, and I have zero great images to show for it. It's just a story I tell my kids. I would love to have something tangible to show them. Look at what mommy used to do. 

Does your son or daughter (or you?) love sports? Do you want memorable,  creative, dramatically lit images that can be displayed on a beautiful metal print or canvas, or in an album as a keepsake for years to come? You have worked this hard and come this far, let's give you something to show for it. I would love to help make that happen for you. This last year we captured softball, baseball, tennis football, soccer, rodeo in a barn, car racing on a mountain top, and motorcycling in the Redwoods. Let's create something unique and memorable that will last a lifetime!  I feel my most comfortable on an athletic field, with a camera in my hand. If you want a Senior Sportrait Session for your son or daughter, (or yourself) contact me today. Let's make it happen! 

Senior Sunday|Humboldt County|2017SeniorGirls

This was SUCH a fun season filled with amazing people and so many beautiful pictures. I am so happy to get to build confidence by providing seniors with photos that they can look at and love, and I am SO happy with all of the feedback I have been getting from my seniors and from their parents. I was blessed to capture girls from the south end of the county from South Fork High School, all the way to Northern Humboldt with a couple seniors from Arcata High. I shot on private barns, ranches, at Tooby Park, The Benbow Inn, The Scotia Inn and ball field, Softball fields,  The Sequoia Park, and last but not least in the beautiful Redwoods. Is this really my job? I get to go out with a camera in my hand and capture these beautiful girls at such an important and transformative time in their lives. It is so great to look back and fondly remember all these shoots and the fun we had.  I am sadly saying goodbye to the 2017 seniors, but am looking forward to the 2018 senior season and the locations and seniors I will shoot.  August, September and October are already filling up, so book your sessions now! Good luck 2017 Seniors! I wish you the best!