Sonya's Magical Benbow River Session

I have always loved going to the river ever since I was a kid. There is just something so relaxing about laying in the sand until you get hot and then jumping in to cool off. Listening to the sounds of kids happily shouting and laughing, and the sound of the birds chirping,and water splashing. I have been wanting to shoot a river session for a while, so I was stoked when Sonya wanted to do one! The session took place later in the evening in Southern Humboldt near the Benbow Inn. It gets up in the 100's in Garberville, so it was a great way to cool off after a long, hot day. The water temperature was actually pretty warm and enjoyable after the sun had been beating down on it all day. It was pretty windy for our session, but it made for some more dramatic photos. Thank you wind. : )