What to wear for your fall senior session

It’s your senior year! CONGRATULATIONS!


With a whole list of things to do this year, taking your senior photos is at the top of the list. And with that comes a huge decision…


What do I wear?!?!


Here is your guide on what to wear for your fall senior pictures.


Here are 8 tips to ensure an awesome fall senior photo session:


  1. Stick with solids- Wearing solids is a must. This keeps the attention on you and not your clothes. When wearing patterns it can draw away from you and the focus is then placed on your clothes. If you want to wear patterns keep them subtle or use them as a layer that can be removed.



2.Fall Colors- Stick with a fall color palette. Check out the photo below for inspiration. These colors are the best for a fall photo shoot. Many of them appear in nature during the fall season. A fall color palette are also perfect for photo shoots because the colors are more muted and will not overwhelm the photo.




3.Be Yourself- This is so important! In your photos dress like you normally do. You want these photos to be a reflection of who you are. So bring an outfit that you would normally wear and then bring a special outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Kelsi-Humboldt County Senior-Fortuna High-Parky's Pics_-17.jpg


4.Layers- Adding layers is great for fall senior photos. When you add layers that can be easily removed you will have more options. I will be able to tell you what is working and what needs to be removed. Think of adding scarfs, long cardigan sweaters, and jackets. Adding a plaid scarf is a great way to add layers but work with patterns in a subtle way. 



5. Keep patterns simple- If you must wear patterns make sure to keep them simple or add them as a layer. The best patterns to wear when being photographed are plaid, which works perfect for fall, or stripes.



6.Accessories- Accessories can take a photography to a whole new level when done correctly. You can wear statement pieces but make sure that they do not overwhelm the photograph. The accessory should add to the outfit but not be cente rstage. Think of items such as belts, scarves, jackets, hats, and even flower headbands. One of the best things about accessories is they can be removed if they are not photographing well.



7. Footwear- It’s fall which means BBW! Boots. Booties. Wedges. Make sure to try on your shoes with your outfits before taking photos. You do NOT want your shoes to be the focus of the shoot. Keep them simple and stick with browns, greys and blacks.



8. Try on all your outfits before the shoot and have someone take your photo outside in your outfit with their phone. This way you can see how your outfit will photograph before heading to your senior photos. This will also help you narrow down what to wear.



When you follow these 8 simple rules to a great senior fall photo shoot you are guaranteed to have photos that you will always enjoy looking back on. Now are you ready to book your session? If so click here. www.parkyspics.com